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Cash flow is one of the things that can make the difference between having a profitable business and having a merely surviving business. Cash flow management is something all businesses not only deal with, but have to deal with to succeed.

Those who master cash flow management tend to have thriving businesses and can act on opportunity because they have more cash in the bank.

Let’s talk about better cash flow – how to hold onto and conserve the cash you have on hand. More cash on hand means less bank loans, and savings on interest expense.

Payroll Care can help your business improve its cash flow.

Pay Taxes When Due

Unlike majority of payroll processors, who collect tax payments on your payroll date, we allow you to keep your money until these individual tax payments become due.

Each taxing agency has distinguishing tax filing frequencies, which allow these individual tax payments to be spread out over weeks, months or quarters.

We do not directly impound these monies and sit on your cash. Instead, we allow you to sit on it.

When your tax payments are due, an ACH debit will occur with drawing the payments from your business account and directly paying them to their appropriate taxing agency.

It’s a no brainer to use Payroll Care!

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